In the interest of confidentiality all names on testimonials have been changed for people’s protection
We are in a much better place together now


My husband and I had disconnected. We no longer understood one another and had lost patience with one another. Most of our interactions resulted in rows. We needed help. Brigid showed us how to recognise the emotional triggers in ourselves and in each other that led to arguments, rows, negative relationship cycles and near relationship breakdown. We are in a much better place together now. We have reconnected and when we argue (which still can happen) we have learned the skills to understand what triggered the reactions that escalated into rows. We also have the capability now to repair any hurt caused by those rows. We are moving ahead together with a new understanding of one another. I cannot recommend Brigid highly enough. We are still together today because of the help she has given us.

Over time she guided me through the process of healing


Over a year ago, my relationship of 12 years broke down irretrievably. At the time I thought I would ride out the storm and manage but as time rolled on I found myself slipping on a downward spiral. After several months I decided, with encouragement from my 2 adult daughters to seek help. I asked a friend who works in the Mental Health sector for a recommendation and he suggested Reconnect. Over time she guided me through the process of healing in a sensitive, caring, non-judgmental and confidential way which has seen me rebuild my life and boost my self-confidence to the point whereby I have regained my former strengths and positivity to once again feel like a fully functioning and happy person.

Reconnect has changed how we are with each other

John & Mary

We attended couple counselling with Reconnect and found that the therapist was very professional. She helped us to realise how much we had lost sight of our love for one another. We felt that she saw us as real people and helped us to accept each other as we are and not as we thought we wanted each other to be. This has changed how we are with each other. There is an ease to our relationship now , we are able to have fun with each other again.

I am being helped to feel like myself again


"I started seeing Áine because of my anxiety issues and depression.  This was not my first time seeking help, but the time spent with Áine is by far the most relaxing and productive.  Rather than working for me, she works with me to help me better understand myself and my actions.  She is helping me feel like myself again.  She is an incredibly kind person with the ability to make me feel not only that she is listening, but that she truly understands.  She makes me feel comfortable and safe and I can be myself and never feel judged.  Áine is welcoming, supportive, and a warm person, and at the same time very professional.  I would highly recommend this counsellor and her service."

Reconnect helped us discover how to handle our conflict

Andrew & Clara

We found going to Couples Therapy daunting and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought. We learned a lot about us and how we get stuck in negative patterns and ended up having the same rows over and over. We discovered how to handle our conflict in a healthy way.