05 Feb 2019

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Couple Counselling

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Why couples therapy?

People come for couple therapy for a wide variety of reasons, examples of which include:

  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Fighting and anger problems
  • Intimacy and sexual issues
  • Identity and role conflict
  • Dependency versus independence
  • Religion
  • Ethics and values
  • Jelousy
  • Parenting
  • Infidelity
  • Money and finances
  • Addiction
  • Family and in-law struggles
  • Gender roles, child care, home duties
  • Infertility

What you can expect from from us?

We are both Irish Assocation for Counselling & Psychotherapy accredited counsellor/psychotherapists and as such we offer safe, non-judgemental, confidential, professional therapy.

We draw upon various therapeutic approaches so as we can better address your particular concerns.

We are open, down to earth, ‘real’ people who will meet you where you are at and help you figure out where you want to go.

We are caring, compassionate, considered counsellors.

What we require from you?

A serious commitment to our work together.

A willingness to be open to looking at what each person brings to your relationship.

Couples Therapy is a collaborative process. We believe that you are the experts on your unique relationship.  With this in mind, we assist you to explore the issues that are challenging you. Together we can then use this knowledge for you to move towards the relationship you dearly want.

Reconnect can help you…  

Work together as a team.

Learn how to stop the ‘blame game’ so you can work through struggles.

Recognise what keeps you apart and unable to reach each other.

Find emotional attunement and create a positive, respectful attachment to each other.

Simply Reconnect to the love and passion you yearn for.

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  • Todd Williams

    Excellent Guide… It will definitely help the couple who are having issues in their relationship.

    7th January 2020 | Reply

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