The word intimacy can mean different things to different people. In a couples context, it can often be a word that is misunderstood, and each partner may put a different emphasis on what intimacy means to them. Some may see it as a close companionship or a shared emotional bond, whereas others may primarily think of sexual intimacy. Intimacy is sharing our innermost being with another (into-me-you-see). Intimacy is about connection, about seeing, hearing, feeling, and comfortably being, with another.

The Ripple Effect

The importance of intimacy in a loving relationship cannot be overstated. The ability to comfortably communicate each other’s personal understanding of intimacy, each partner’s needs and wants, in a supportive and nurturing way, can greatly enhance a loving relationship. When people lose intimacy in a relationship they lose connection. We at Reconnect are all about helping people find their way back to each other. Intimacy is where people get to heal each other’s wounds.

Sexual intimacy is what sets a couple’s relationship apart from other types of relationship (for example, friendships or familial relationships). Sexual intimacy is much more than the act of having sex, and encompasses matters of trust, vulnerability and exclusivity. Opening yourself up to the needs of a partner whilst simultaneously having you own needs truly felt.

The ripple effect of good intimacy in a couple relationship spreads out to all areas of one’s life. People find that their relationships with family, friends and work colleagues improve when they have found a truly good emotional bond with their partner.